Add it to my calendar!

by mckennabailey

Want to know what’s impossible? Maintaining a blog.

I guess it’s not impossible but it is terrifying. What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? Do I really think more than 2 people will see this?

I really wanted to start with something great – a post worth the internet’s time. Here’s the obvious problem: the internet is huge – and it doesn’t get smaller. Even if I turned out to be the Shakespeare of the Internet, a huge portion of the world wouldn’t see it anyway. I understood that in my more sane moments, but I still wanted to impress people. 3 months later – still nothing uploaded.

I scoured my favorite blogs for inspiration and instructions on how to get my blog going and the answers were all the same.

Step 1: Start.

Step 2: Keep doing it.

So this is my attempt to get over myself and just start. Here’s the schedule I came up with to help me stay on track:

Monday will include in depth thoughts. I’m hoping this will just be a way for me to catalog what I think or feel about topics, people, events. It’s a broad topic, but I think this will be my easiest day.

Wednesday I’ll use to discuss books I’ve read or passages within them that I find interesting. I’m going to cheat a little in the beginning by using Soul Pancake’s book. It’s got “Life’s Big Questions” in it that I want to answer anyway and it will be a way to keep things interesting in the beginning.

Friday I want to talk about the biggest lessons I’ve learned since graduating from university. I did well in school, but for me, the real education and growth began after I graduated. I don’t know if any of the stories will have helpful advice, but it’s worth it to try.

On Sundays I’ve made a practice of doing next to nothing, and I’d like to keep it that way. Instead of an in-depth post, I plan to post a compilation of interesting things I read/heard/watched around the internet that week.

So there you have it. My first blog post and my plan for the future. Come back on Friday if you want. I’ll be here.