Grit & Gratitude

Month: December, 2014

Things are falling together

My life is going to take a different direction in the coming weeks.

I’m off to a new state, in a new industry, to attempt a new career.

I am excited and grateful about this opportunity to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. The mentor opportunity and the skills I will learn is such a blessing that I can’t wait to immerse myself in this new adventure.

As well, the New Year is fast approaching and I’ve dedicated many of my resolutions to writing and this blog in general. So for now, all I really want to say is that I’m grateful for all that is in my life and all that will come.

Happy holidays.


What do you believe in

Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur who has a podcast called School of Greatness. In it, Howes expresses his gratitude, acknowledgements and encouragements of other people who have turned themselves into Greats. And those people aren’t just the millionaire business men, he has talked to everyone from jazz musicians and recovered addicts to Tony Robbins. His podcast is interesting and intentional in a way that other “business” minded podcasts are not.

One thing Howes frequently questions himself and his guests on (especially in the early episodes) is what is more important to believe in, God or yourself. His logic is most elite athletes, or success stories in general, have an unwavering belief in something. Often that something is either themselves – where they know intrinsically that they are the world’s greatest; or it’s in a Higher Being – where those athletes understand that their talent is a gift and abundant success comes from the Higher Being. Either way, it is this faith that helps them through the hard practices and fortifies their mental clarity.

The question becomes which is better? Will you go further or be more successful if you believe in God or yourself? Or is it the act of believing that is important and not the thing in which you are putting all your faith?

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

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Is this feeling unique to me?

What emotion do you wish you could better control?

This was an interesting question to open up to considering I just listened to a podcast about stoicism. Based on the inspiration I gathered from that podcast – I’d like to control every emotion better.

But since I avoided the question last week I figured I should actually answer this week in a direct way.

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You don’t need location, location, location

John and Hank Green are brothers who host a bi-weekly show on their YouTube channel, VlogBrothers. Over the past few years, the two have steadily grown in popularity and presence on YouTube – expanding their brand to include Emmy-award winning web series, eeducational series on science, history, and literature, and creating the most important YouTube convention – VidCon. Not to mention, they’ve spearheaded an amazing day dedicated to decreasing world suck.

It’s safe to say their important guys.

John lives in Indiana and Hank lives in Montana.

The old adage that the key to everything in life is location, location, location is simply that. Old. And irrelevant.

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