Mckenna Bailey


Objective: To chronicle my thoughts and ideas in the hopes that other people will react to it in a mostly positive way. And possibly look back on in 10 years.

Education – Arizona State University

  • Earned a Degree in English despite every reason not to.

Relevant Experience

Professional Mover – Summer, 1995 – Present

  • Lived in 5 states throughout life
  • Moved to 10 different houses since graduating high school in 2006
  • Packed an entire one bedroom in 4 hours
  • Enjoyed the company of people in every area of the US

Avid Traveler – Spring 2000 – Present

  • Drove through all but 12 states in the United States
  • Earned 5 stamps in passport (and growing)
  • Willingness to move to different region instantly
  • Sense of direction needs improving

Amateur Adult – Winter 2010 – Present

  • Technically a Publishing Professional
  • Recently started a 401k (not clear on)
  • Slow to understand benefits of planning dinner ahead of time
  • Responsible with bill payments
  • Probably not the best to ask about most things if you want a definitive answer
  • Willing to discuss and ruminate on topics for hours with you

Community Outreach 

  • Reliable for happy hour
  • Extensive understanding of late 1990-early 2000’s music in all genres
  • Aware of Pop Culture at all times

References Available Upon Request